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So the Dog and I are playing a little game. The game goes like this:

Scene 1: evening. Jennifer sits on the sofa, knitting, with the Dog curled up beside her. The Dog snoozes peacefully. Occasionally, the working yarn on Jennifer’s project brushes a sensitive part of the Dog’s body (ear, snout, paw) and Dog twitches and snuffles to make it go away. The Dog is uninterested in yarn, in knitting. The Dog likes sleep.


Scene 2: daytime. Jennifer leaves the Dog alone in the house for the day. There are peanut-butter-filled Kongs and other delights to keep her occupied. Evidence has shown that Dog likes peanut butter and kongs. Evidence (see: above) has not shown that the dog has a personal affinity for knitted items. Dog eschews Kongs and peanut butter to find that one skein of yarn, that one unguarded wooden knitting needle, and drag it all over the house, chew it to bits, and slobber all over it. 

Scene 1 repeats itself that evening, with the added bonus of Jennifer winding up dog-slobber yarn. 

Scene 2 repeats itself the next day. 

Obviously, the Dog is training me to keep all of my yarn bits in well-sealed plastic bins. Good job, Dog! Good job, Jennifer!

Written by Jennifer

April 2, 2014 at 1:54 pm

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