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Meet Bella, our doggie. 2013-01-14 18.35.03


We adopted her from the Brantford SPCA not quite two weeks ago and our days are now filled with Very Important Puppy Business.

  • does she need to go outside to pee?
  • is she really THIS hungry?
  • where is her KONG?
  • what will a doggie do with a kernel of frozen corn, fallen to the kitchen floor?
  • can a 20lb doggie, upon sensing and rousting a bunny from its bushy lair,  actually rip my shoulder out of its socket when it lunges in pursuit?

These, my friends, are important questions to ponder.

Do not let the snuggly togetherness of Ingrid and Bella in this photo fool you. Although we promised the girls a dog as a Christmas present this year, the real and true impetus for adopting a canine companion was mememememe. My motivations were base and shallow indeed: I wanted to be greeted by someone who loved me best and unconditionally every day when I come home from work. Bella fulfils her role as Adorer-of-Jennifer quite nicely, I must say. Some days she is so overjoyed at the presence of her human, that she veritably knocks me off my feet with love and kisses.

Did I mention the 20lb thing? There is a LOT of bounce in these 20lbs. This dog has hops. And enthusiasm. No manners, though. As a stray and then a shelter dog, she hasn’t really learned any. But what she lacks in social niceties and calm demeanour, she makes up for in total snuggle-ability. The highlight of her day, I think, is the post-walk snooze with her big people on the couch. Doggie Bliss:

2013-01-14 22.23.47

I, of course, am a total sucker for the wee little snoot and the cute little whiskers and the super soft ears. Left to my own devices, the dog and I would hang out in bed together, reading books and eating cheese on crackers. But I have been given to understand that my anthropomorphizing tendencies do justice neither to Bella the Doggie nor to my family of humans. Alas.

So, in the interest of training the doggums in good canine manners, I shall also subject myself to some training. We start Grade 1 doggie obedience in a couple of weeks. She, obviously, will do quite well. She’s smart and will do anything–except lie down–for a treat 🙂 I, on the other hand have a more complex assemblage of internal and external motivators. We shall see if the trainers can find the biscuit of my dreams and train me to train my dog.

Otherwise, it’s cheese and crackers for us, Bella!






Written by Jennifer

January 24, 2013 at 11:49 am

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