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I knit things. Particularly sweaters, sometimes socks, often hats. Hats are a pretty sweet deal, really: they don’t take a whole crapton of yarn (read: they’re inexpensive), their construction is generally simple (read: they’re easy), and the exact size of a hat is generally unimportant–unless you’re my husband (read: hats forgive a multitude of gauge sins). Some knitters always have a sock on the needles, for that contemplative, round-n-round knitting, but socks are so tiny for me that I often find myself hunching over the stitches, which is not ergonomically sound. And then when I come to the heel flap and gusset, I have to stop and look at the pattern, or Charlene Schurch’s book on socks, in order to remember how the hell to do them. This is why I go to hats.

I’ve knit the boyfriend hat pattern a few times. My nephews liked them (at least I hope they did–I wonder if they are as picky as their uncle when it comes to things on their heads?) and I think my uncle wears his. I knit a beret for me in a soft bunny yarn, and another one in SUPER LOUD ORANGE, with a scarf to match. (all flickr links)

So this last month, it’s been hats for the girls and for my friends. I started out knitting the Spring Cap design by Wooly Wormhead THREE times. I only have pictures of Greta’s and Ingrid’s, though. I need to snap a photo of Ainslie in hers. These used mostly yarn leftovers and made super-cute girlie hats. Next I bought a skein of Lion Brand Homespun yarn, which is the go-to yarn for the ladies’ guild knitting crews and generally not my style, what with being made of acrylic monsters and all, and knit TWO Elizabeth Zimmermann snail hats out of that one skein. Greta has snagged one for herself (she wears knitted hats like a funky fashion statement) and the other is for Kim (shhhhhh).

I do have an ancestral Christmas stocking to finish and I’m almost done with that. And funny enough, Ingrid just talked me into some socks.


Written by Jennifer

January 14, 2011 at 9:33 pm

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