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Fluevog Matthews

I have this thing for John Fluevog shoes. Shoes have always been the one part of my wardrobe about which I actually think from time to time, and when I found my way to Fluevog via a friend a number of years ago, it was love at first sight. The only thing between me and owning twenty pairs is financial reality. Really, if I had the money, I would order, right now, these, these, and these, just for starters. I have nothing to wear with them, but that is a minor problem.

One thing I like about well made shoes is that many of them are resoleable, which makes laying out the pile of cash for them less painful since one can bank on getting many years out of the shoes. Not all Vogs are resoleable, which makes me weep when I consider the fact that my Charles will someday leave this world forever, but many of them are. The replacement soles sell for something like $15, and I got them slapped on here in Germany by a shoemaker for a reasonable sum. He even took pictures of them (and the other Vogs on my feet) since, as he put it, he and his partners are shoe obsessed and always looking for ideas. I felt like I was among my kind.

He couldn’t shave off the entire old sole since it would have messed up some internal stitching, so he smoothed them out and put the new soles over them. It makes the soles about 1.5 times thicker than they were, and since these are solid rubber/latex soles, they are now the heaviest shoes I own besides my ski boots. Once I got used to that, though, I dig the height and the fact that it makes my feet impervious to the rough streets of Leipzig.


Written by Dale

March 1, 2010 at 3:13 pm

Posted in footwear, shopping

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