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Saw a list like this over on dchud’s blog, and wondered if, for one, I could actually remember all of the bands I’ve seen in the last quarter century or so, and if I could, if my list could even begin to hold a candle to his. I have to try. Here goes, in no particular order other than the random recall mechanism known as human memory:

Grateful Dead
Leftover Salmon
The Minutemen
Porno for Pyros
Midnight Oil
They Might Be Giants
Lyle Lovett
Willie Nelson
Beau Soleil
The Blasters
The Beat Farmers
Billy Bragg
Echo and the Bunnymen
The Producers
Modern English
Mason Williams
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (oh yeah)
Ziggy Marley
Alex de Grassi

Surely I have forgotten some, but there is likely a reason for that. It’s a pretty modest list, and I realized while making it that I have never been to one of those massive stadium or arena concerts, which explains the absence of certain mega-artists from the list, since those are the only venues they play. I am likely just too cheap to shell out the dough and always have been. I may be the only kid ever to graduate from high school in Denver without seeing a show at Red Rocks.

Regrets are few. I am still pissed about missing the 1984 Talking Heads show at Red Rocks. May the ticket window wench who wanted me to get in line behind the guppies lined up for Stevie Nicks/Joe Walsh tickets (it didn’t even sell out!–I have forgiven Joe Walsh, but Stevie Nicks is still on my list) suffer from terrible gas all her days. When I came back after the Nicks line had dissipated, Talking Heads had sold out. Yes, that was the Stop Making Sense tour. Yes, I am bitter.

Also regret refusing an offer of free tickets to see U2 at the Rainbow Music Hall in Denver in 1982. They were unknown back then, and a guy in my ninth grade class got grounded and offered them to me (I seem to recall they were $4). I said, who are they, and passed. May I also suffer from terrible gas for being so damn stupid.

Last, but not least, the leisurely breakfast Jennifer and I had back in 1998 instead of getting our butts out the door to buy tickets to Die Roten Rosen (Die Toten Hosen doing their Christmas jag–priceless) in Berlin is still stuck in my throat. How did I possibly think that would not sell out in, like, 30 seconds, which it more or less did. May my gas be compounded by piles, whatever they are. Sound nasty.

So, at the ripe old age I have now achieved, something to make these past disappointments melt away: I just scored tickets to see the Leningrad Cowboys in Leipzig. They are playing three blocks from my house. It is a dream come true.

Oh, and that Dead show in Telluride in 1987 was a good call, too.


Written by Dale

September 23, 2009 at 7:11 am

Posted in life, music

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