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Bottom of the bureaucratic ninth …

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… two outs, hard-throwing closer in top form and on the mound. Oh, I guess baseball season is around the corner and I’m a little excited about that. Will Chris Carpenter’s Frankenstein-like body hold together and put the Cardinals on a track for the postseason, or will he develop some rare syndrome that causes him to miss 90% of his starts. I’d put money on the latter, but as a Cards fan, I’m lighting candles for the former.

The baseball metaphor employed here expresses my joy that I’ve nearly completed the worst of the bureaucracy here. Last week I finally picked up my residence permit on Thursday, and Friday morning sent my account application to the bank. Hopefully within a few days I’ll have an account, and then, in theory at least, the Freistaat Sachsen can pay me my wages. They will, of course, require at least two weeks to process my paperwork, so I may end up working here for the better part of two months without wages. Oh well, at least it will all come in eventually.


Written by Dale

March 29, 2009 at 3:15 am

Posted in Leipzig, sports

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