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Veste Everest, originally uploaded by jda127.

Isn’t this a lovely chunk of knitting? It’s the cabled back portion of Veste Evereste by Veronik Avery, knit in Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Thyme. The knitting seen here represents about two evenings of work and a skein of wool. It was also knit by someone suffering delusions of her actual girth.
I knit it according to the directions for the 34″ size, thinking that a wee bit of negative ease would be just peachy. But I knit it on size 6 needles, per the pattern which, of course, calls for a totally different yarn. Doh! So, this bad boy might have fit Greta some day but not yours truly, the knitter.

So I ripped it out and cast on for the 41″ size, thinking that positive ease is a good thing in a vest that may yet get worn over a shirt of some kind, and used size 6 needles for the ribbing at the bottom and size 8s for the body. Holy whacking huge, Batman. So I ripped that sucker out after 10 rows or so.
I’m now 5 rows into the cabled back of the Veste Evereste, using size 8 needles and the 34″ directions. With any luck, I’ll finish it by fall. Or the yarn will begin to protest and felt together in my hands after I rip it out the seventeenth time.

Written by Jennifer

March 23, 2009 at 9:21 pm

Posted in knitting

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