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While I was in Austria and Italy earlier this year on a pleasure (and pain) junket, I happened to stumble across CNN International one night on the TV, and the friend traveling with me said, oh look, it’s Richard Quest. I had never seen Richard Quest before, but right away I noticed he was a bit different than the folks on US CNN (not that I watch all that much). People like Anderson Cooper, Wolf “I’m a scary mean dwarf” Blitzer, and Christiane Aman …, good lord, can’t say it or spell it, just annoy me with their pomposity and self-declared rock-starness. Cooper’s the worst, a posing, preening pretty boy.

Quest is something else. He’s quite pleased with himself, too; I don’t think it’s possible to stand so much in front of a camera if you’re not. What saves him from the other’s fate is that he’s kind of a geek, loud, funny, and clearly pretty stoked that he landed such a sweet job. While I was abroad he was in Davos for that silly world summit thingy where everyone goes and grandstands, and the way he says Davos is now forever etched into my brain. Take your hardest British accent, make the a as hard and short as you can, and scream it into a microphone in every other sentence–DAVOS!!!–and you’ll almost be there. Thanks, Richard.

Anyway, the point of all this is that he’s obsessed with Twitter. He sends tweets from the set, for heaven’s sake. In one tweet, he’ll mention his interview with someone major and famous, but just that same morning he tweeted about the blueberries on his oatmeal. I never quite got Twitter before, but the way he uses it kind of makes sense. Some of the funniest tweets I’ve ever read come from him, including some priceless gem about what he ordered for lunch one day. I don’t think he meant it to be funny even, but I still laugh about it.

Never thought I’d be a fan of a media star, let alone a British one (I have this thing about British men, and it’s not positive), but so it goes.

Written by Dale

March 21, 2009 at 6:37 am

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