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I like to consider myself an active and informed citizen. I have been a registered voter in every community I’ve lived in since turning 18. I inform myself about candidates before elections. I vote. This year I have even had yard signs.

But what on earth gives with the county jury board people????? Why are they obsessed with me??? Today I received my FOURTH jury summons of the quarter. Each time they send me a letter, I dutifully check with my colleagues to see if they can cover my classes; I inform my students of homework due way in advance; I write up lesson plans for those colleagues helping me out; and generally prepare to do my civic duty. Then, the jury pool folks call me the night before I’m scheduled to appear and cancel the call. Ok, so I don’t have to report for jury duty, but the hassle isn’t really all that different than if I did. So, tomorrow I am going to fax them a letter saying: sorry folks, I just can’t do it again.

Written by Jennifer

March 12, 2009 at 7:32 pm

Posted in life

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