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Tobey, originally uploaded by jda127.

Thursday night we went out to the countryside and adopted a Rex rabbit from breeders in St. George.
I had never seen a rabbitry before–or a ‘wabbitry,’ as the family’s business cards insist (groan). They had A LOT of bunnies. This corresponds to A LOT of rabbit poop. In case you were wondering.
The girls checked out four or so Rex babies and picked the second-to-smallest one. Greta named him Tobey–which is an awesome rabbit name and so much better than her first choice–Fluffy Bunny.
Tobey, at Dale’s insistence (he has more experience with rodents and their shitting ways, I guess), lives outside on our deck in a hutch. Tobey appears to like the hutch and his kibble and his ice bottle on hot days.
I’m not so sure how Tobey felt about the 6am deluge this morning though. Dale is building a roof for Tobey’s hutch to protect his furriness from the unpleasant elements of sun and rain. (cuz we are nothing if not good bunny parents) Roof is not done, though, and at 6am we woke up to thunder and a downpour and both immediately thought: oh god, TOBEY is WET and went downstairs and outside in the deluge to cover his hutch with a sheet of cardboard and dry him off and make sure he was ok.
Good Grief, people. This is a rabbit. He has fur. He found a patch of protection from the elements and was only sort of damp. Sheesh.
Nevertheless, the rain has not let up much at all in the past 8 hours, so the girls and I brought the rabbit inside (This is where I need to tell my mother: sit down, Mom, breathe, it’s just linoleum. The rodent can’t hurt the linoleum, nor make it diseased.) We played with him in the kitchen, made sure he was dry and warm. The girls tried to feed him expensive German-made “rabbit popcorn” as a treat. Tobey evidently has more proletarian, alfafa kibble tastes.
In our next post–a picture of Ingrid running away from the Fierce, One-Pound Bunny!


Written by Jennifer

August 9, 2008 at 2:09 pm

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