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Now that I’m done with globetrotting for, well, at least the next month or so, I am trying to get back in the groove with running. I recently swithed from PC to Mac, which involved migrating iTunes (don’t ask, it wasn’t smooth or pretty–sorta like my running actually–but it’s done now) and spending a lot of time working through my music library. I realised I needed some new tracks to keep me motivated on runs. Then, amazing synergy occurred when the July issue of Runner’s World presented me with an article on music and running and good tunes to workout by AND I re-discovered the iTunes gift certificated Greta hasn’t spent yet. (I’ll pay her back, really I will. And I’m not using it all up, really.)

So, I’m buying some music I wouldn’t perhaps listen to in the car with the kids (Thanks, Emimem, for your relentless BPM. Shut your ears, kids) but will keep the feet pounding. I also found a free podcast in the RW article that I am going to take advantage of. It’s called podrunner, but the DJ mixes tracks at various BPM levels, so that walkers, joggers, runners, and cyclists all feel served. I haven’t listened yet but his reviews on iTunes are stunning. Visit his website here: and then get out and run!

Written by Jennifer

August 9, 2008 at 2:31 pm

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