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Raising kids with The Cramps

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I’ve never been much of a fan of typical kids music and am thoroughly convinced, as was widely reported in the 1990s, that Barney is actually a minion of Satan. I do know, however, that kids love music and even their young ears can appreciate a wide range of music and tell the good stuff from the bad stuff.

Yesterday I was alone in the car with both girls, driving from gymnastics to pick up J. I didn’t have any “kid” music in the car, but I did have my shuffle and the little connector thing that will play it through the car stereo. Alas, all I have on the shuffle is the stuff I use for my workouts, so pretty heavy on the loud and fast: The Prodigy, Led Zeppelin, Toten Hosen, Depeche Mode, etc. I also have the entire songlist off of the Cramps album Smell of Female. If you don’t own or know of this album, proceed to Amazon via the link I’ve provided and acquire it. Yes, it has a revolting title, but don’t forget that the searing, pounding guitar that marks the Cramps style is played by none other than Poison Ivy, an überfeminist if ever there was one. As with most Cramps music, it’s all meant to be taken with a large grain of salt.

So, anyway, I’m in the car and their song You Got Good Taste comes on. At first I thought about skipping it, but then remembered that it has surprisingly harmless language, albeit laden with sexual innuendo that is way over the head of kids, thankfully. So during the second chorus, when Lux is chanting “you got good taste,” G casually asks, Dad, what is good taste. We have a nice little chat, where I explain that striped shirts with striped pants is bad taste. She gets it immediately, being the little clothes horse she is.

This morning, she gets dressed, walks into our room, and asks me if she has good taste. Thank you, Lux and Ivy, for helping me edumacate my chilluns.


Written by Dale

April 16, 2008 at 9:47 am

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