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Sickly sweet, originally uploaded by jda127.

This picture was taken while the girls waited patiently to get their faces painted at City Market. Greta was magically transformed into an indian princess, a sure sign of how she actually sees herself in the mirror. Ingrid chose to have Mickey Mouse painted on her cheek. Then wanted to be called Mickey all afternoon.
At the Market, I gave them each a few dollars to spend as they wished. Greta purchased a lovely pleather purse/pouch thing with two tubes of lip gloss, two small bottles of nail polish, and thrill rings that all fit inside. She carried it around all day, except when she forgot it in the ladies’ room at the Nelson-Atkins museum and didn’t realize it until an hour later and we had to go hunt for it and ohmygoshmommy it was still there!
Ingrid, being not quite four, spent her money on a giraffe sucker. You can see her here holding onto the giraffe’s head. The sucker part comes out of the giraffe’s mouth and is–hold onto your seats–shaped like the giraffe’s tongue. She licked, sucked, and otherwise loved on this gnarly giraffe tongue all afternoon. Kids: the definition of gross.


Written by Jennifer

March 31, 2008 at 10:36 pm

Posted in Kids, shopping

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