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Shoes make the man

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Some would say clothes make the man, but I would argue that shoes are the real deal. This picture shows the footwear I employed today.

It snowed today in Kansas, hence the lovely snow boots. The white splash is duct tape. Why? Well, the toe cracked a while back, and since I wear these boots about five or six times a winter in Kansas, it’s just easier to tape ’em up and wear them than buy a new pair.

The other pair is a Fluevog dress shoe I picked up on eBay recently for a Payless price. They say: piss me off and I might kick you and cause internal bleeding.

So I had the same clothes on all day. With the boots, I looked like some misguided math professor, wearing his practical footwear with pretty bland khakis and a blue dress shirt. With the patent leather daggers on, it was definitely not math prof. With shoes like that on, I could wear whatever and look respectable.

Oh, and for my female friends and relatives reading this, I think I now have some apprectiation for what it feels like to wear heels. These shoes are not comfortable.  But, oh, how the suffering feels good.


Written by Dale

January 31, 2008 at 10:44 pm

Posted in footwear

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  1. I had forgotten that you like shoes. How did that happen? Have you always cared about shoes?


    February 1, 2008 at 3:23 pm

  2. I think so. At least for a very long time.

    It happened for several reasons, perhaps. My parents had fairly, no, very unusually sized feet. My father is something like a 6 EEEEE (his shoes look square) and my mother was a 9 AAAA, so with a little wax on the soles, she required no skis. Thankfully, their genes merged, and my feet are mostly normal, just a bit flat with a low instep. That combo created problems when I was a kid–sore ankles and such–so we always had to buy really good shoes that had decent support. So while some kids got the $10 K-Mart sneakers, I got the $40 Adidas (god, I feel old), even though my parents were otherwise Spartan.

    This focus on shoes just morphed, and I’ve always enjoyed having a lot of different shoes. I’m also into a lot of weird sports, and have a lot of highly technical footwear for those, the crown jewel being my beloved Viking Marathon speedskates with their handcrafted kangaroo leather uppers. Dearly expensive skates, but not exactly something you find at a mall.

    You know, it just occurred to me that a great uncle was a cobbler, who made a career travelling and selling shoe repair equipment. As a very young child, I heard talk of him and his trade, so I knew what welts, lasts, and heels were at a young age. That must have been part of it, too.

    I also like anything handcrafted and well made. Shoes are one object that can be made like crap or like art, or anywhere in between. I lean toward the art.


    February 1, 2008 at 4:18 pm

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