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Must learn Icelandic first …

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… before we emigrate to the place where obviously my soul was born, even if my birth certificate says Ohio.

That’s a bit overstated, but tonight I watched the documentary/concert flick on Icelandic music, Screaming Masterpiece, and besides rediscovering that Björk Gudmundsdottir (aka just Björk) is both a creative genius and a voice unlike any other, I found myself scribbling down the names of bands to go look up after watching the flick. While looking up one, Apparat Organ Quartet, I discovered that their homepage is really just a MySpace page (hey, Iceland isn’t rolling in dough). Glancing at their friends, I saw one named Olafur, an older white gent who looked vaguely familiar. Olafur, as in Olafur Ragnar Grímsson, better known in diplomatic circles as the president of Iceland.

So, weighing the pros and cons of heads of state, as an American, I have a president who starts wars, disdains the poor, and is really just trying to make his friends rich. Oh, and he’s a humorless dick, too. Were I an Icelander, I’d have a president who not only has a MySpace page (that shows a rich sense of humor), but also invites rather loud and rowdy bands such as Trabant to play in the presidential residence. I suppose 600 years of humiliation at the hands of the Danes has made the Icelanders just a bit more humble and idiosyncratic than a long stint as a superpower has done with us.

Truly, emigration seems like a reasonable option at this point …


Written by Dale

January 20, 2008 at 12:20 am

Posted in music, politics

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