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A Mormon President

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Well, it looks like Mitt may go down in flames long before the national election, so perhaps posts like this will simply become historical curiosities. On the odd chance that his millions and minions (those would be the LDS members) push him back to the fore, I thought I’d toss this out for fun.

What, really, would be so wrong with a Mormon president? As an open-minded person, I’m loathe to discount anyone from a job, even president, for their religious convictions. Kennedy had to fight anti-Catholic bias to become president, after all, and we still haven’t had a serious Jewish contender for similar reasons. So why not Romney? Well, besides my personal distaste for his glib and facile position switching, there is this kind of absurdity that one sees at BYU. Now, is he responsible for BYU’s policies? No, not directly. But this is his power base, the source of his status and wealth (if you don’t believe that, read up on the LDS Church’s financial holdings), and the type of nation he sees–or would like to see–when he looks out the window. I’ve been to BYU’s campus and to Provo. Have you? Until you can answer that with a yes, don’t be quick to defend the quirkiness. Provo/Utah County/BYU is about one thing: be like us, or be unwelcome. That is not American, or at least not the kind of American I aspire to be.

Many thanks to Dooce for having the stomach to read the BYU info-drivel and post it.

Written by Dale

November 29, 2007 at 10:35 am

Posted in politics

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  1. You can find the text of his Faith in America speech–given on Dec 5th or 6th in TExas–if you google it, I’m sure. Bland and vanilla and totally uninspiring. It is so particularly American that people feel called upon to cite our Founding Fathers when they talk about religion in American. Good grief. I couldn’t give half a shit what Jefferson thought about God and worship. Far more pressing to a discussion of religion and politics today are the Culture Wars and which side you stand on. Romney (also the name of a sheep, come to think of it) apparently stands. . . nowhere.


    December 7, 2007 at 5:59 pm

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