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In my quest to slowly but surely turn this into a forum for knitting. . .

I just received my invitation to join the Beta testing group for an on-line knitting community called Ravelry. I assure you this sounds so much more geeky than it is. Ravelry is sort of like MySpace for people who knit, spin, and crochet, but it is also like a personal database for each of its users. This is SO COOL.

So, you set up a profile (which involves the dreaded user name. God do I HATE the user  name. I never come up with a good one. I have the same problem with passwords, all user IDs. Hates hates hates.) and provide a little sketch of who you are and what your craft is. You have a notebook, in which you keep your projects (currently being worked on), and your queue (things you want to start), as well as your yarn stash (some people out there have A LOT of yarn), your needles or hooks, etc. The site is designed to be used with lots of images, cuz knitters want to see what other knitters have made, and for each of your projects you can drag and drop pics from your flickr account. They’re automatically linked–coooool. And then there are groups one can join (Ivory Tower Fiber Enthusiasts, anyone? or Dolores Devotees?) and friends to be made and kept track of. You can send messages, communicate via forums, etc.

So, apart from taking pictures of all the knitted things around my house and uploading them to Ravelry, I’ve begun a queue of things to knit. This is awesome, as I plan on using it in Netflix-esque fashion. I will simply buy the yarn and knit the next thing on my list, without getting distracted by some bright shiny thing to knit over there.

Jaywalker Cast on

I’m trying socks again, after the disaster that was the pair I knit for Greta. (gauge issues meant the socks were two totally different sizes.) I’m trying them on 2 circular needles, which looks so magical and fancy. Wish me luck.


Written by Jennifer

October 14, 2007 at 2:56 pm

Posted in knitting

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