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More reasons why the NABF stinks

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My dear wife sent me a link to this article from the LA Times on the accidents that have resulted from pouring massive amounts of federal money into bioweapons research since 2001. Sure, the NABF would likely be less loosely run, but I think it points to the myriad ways in which security measures or handling procedures can be overlooked or ignored. The NABF will have better and more stringent rules, to be sure, but the people working there will still be humans and, last I checked, we all make mistakes. My mistakes cause Web pages to explode, or dinner to burn, or my car to hit your car. An NABF mistake could kill poeple, among other bad outcomes.

The article mentions the Sunshine Project, which gathers information on  “biological weapons and biotechnology.” I found much of the information presented there to be both useful and fairly well documented. The writers tend to use open records laws to get at materials not otherwise published, so it’s valuable for that alone.


Written by Dale

October 3, 2007 at 12:59 pm

Posted in life, politics

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