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Sooo, I tried the coffee in the new library cafe this afternoon. I went around 1pm, in order to get the oldest, stalest coffee they had. It’s hot outside and I wanted iced coffee. I was hoping this would be a shot of espresso over ice with, maybe, some ice water added. (You know how I love an iced Americano.) This was not to be. Press-pot “light note” Starbucks blend over ice with a bit of 2%. A Tall for $1.66 (incl tax).

Verdict: well, there’s caffeine in it, which is nice, and also some actual ground coffee beans, which is also a good thing. It doesn’t involve a walk to the union or down the hill, which is a bonus. I had heard tales of “burnt,” which scared me. I found this a bit bitter and a bit stale (no surprise there) but not burnt. I’m not sure if the bitter is from under-brewing or is due to the fact that I don’t drink Starbucks for a reason–I’m not wild about their roasts. At any rate, it’ll keep me awake during afternoon grading sessions. Yay for coffee close by.

Written by Jennifer

August 20, 2007 at 4:02 pm

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