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Dale got the new roof rack on the car for our recent vacation to Colorado. A struggle was involved. We shan’t go into details. Our Subaru came with a factory rack. It served us quite well for six years or so. Then last summer some time I picked Dale and his bike up at work (raining?), we put the bike on the rack, went to get the kids, and then were so engrossed in our post-work conversation that we both forgot the bike and I drove right into the garage. Ripped the rack right off the car. The bike, you ask? unharmed.

Here is our first camping site, near Woodland Park, CO.

woodland park

And here is Ingrid looking cold at the top of Independence Pass.

Ingy Independence

Camping downers: Rain. Thankfully those of us with primitive camping setups (read: tent) have relatives with swank camping setups (read: insulated, four-season monster camping trailer) which offered shelter from the rain. Also from the bear, which probably rates as camping downer #2, though we had no direct contact with Yogi. He stayed near the dumpsters and the campsites of those who leave potato salad in coolers outside. The kids, however coincidentally, got to sleep over in the camper on the night of the great bear marauding.

Camping thrills: Bears. I mean, come one. Bears! Even if we didn’t see him up close or anything. Good food, too. (shrimp boil. look and weep.)

Shrimpy goodness

A lovely bike ride on a gorgeous, maintained trail down into Aspen. A wee bit of shopping. Smores. A guest at the big shrimp boil party had the idea to make a smore with a Reese’s peanut butter cup. I was not among the lucky ones to try this treat, but you can be sure it’s on my next camping menu. Smores choices!

And, proximity to cool mountain venues. Greta was keen to try the Euro bungee at Snowmass. We all took the ski lift up to the top of a run and Dale, his sister, and his nephews rode the descent on mountain bikes. I was supposed to take a trip down, too. That plan got changed when, about 2 yards after I hopped on my bike, I hit a rock, went down, cut myself on some rocks and dispaired of reaching the bottom with my bike, my body, and my ego intact. I chose to hang out with the kids some more and ride the lift down. Very cool. The kids didn’t miss the ferris wheel at the Riley County Fair at all!

Greta on the bungee. I’m sure I would have puked up my shoes.

Greta defying gravity

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August 7, 2007 at 10:55 pm

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