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Lamb redux

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Despite comments to the contrary from my wife and others, and despite my advanced age and decrepitude, I am capable of finishing a book, and, after being handed Lamb, I destroyed its text like a hot dog in the hands of Takeru Kobayashi. Great read, perfect for a sinner and atheignostic such as myself.

I’m not sure if it says more about me, Christopher Moore’s talent, the fact that the Bible is a book by committee and, as with all things created by committee, sucks as a read, or something about my need to believe that everyone, everywhere, in every language, eventually says ‘fuck’ or one of its beautifully flexible declined forms, but this book spoke to me in ways that the ‘real’ deal never has or will. If I crossed paths with a guy like Joshua, I’d put on my sackcloth, grow out my hair, and proclaim the word on a street corner in a heartbeat. When Joshua beholds the carnage of the Kali sacrifices and banishes blood atonement once and for all with the simple utterance “no more sacrifices,” I had to put the book down and take a deep breath. That’s some heavy shit, not least when one considers how many people have died at the hands of those proclaiming the word of Jesus et al. over the last two millenia. Were the Christian God truly a vengeful god, s/he’d smite those hypocritical fuckers (see, it’s compulsive) with something worse than the seven plagues for mucking up what could have been a beautiful story. But the mere fact that we are ruled by Bush/Cheney–more Christians killing in the name of their God, if somewhat tangentially–is proof enough for me that God, if s/he exists, got utterly bored with us long ago and has left us to our own foibles.


Written by Dale

July 13, 2007 at 4:29 pm

Posted in summer reading

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