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I’d like to sound all smug and environmentally conscious and claim it is the well-above-$3/gallon gas prices that drove me to it, but it was more the combination of the end of the semester (yay!), the gorgeous weather (yay!), and the need for a challenge that pushed me toward my sad, lonely, neglected bike.  I have a woman’s Trek mountain bike, purchased pre-Greta, in SLC, after Lance’s first Tour de France win (hence: the Trek, and not the Specialized, or the Cannondale, or the Giant–not the Giant! Jan Ulrich rode a Giant.) and right before his second.

I rode my bike to the gym yesterday, and to Oak Grove the day before to drop Ingrid off in the morning. Oooooh, she loves a ride in the trailer. All the kids at preschool think she is so tuff when she arrives in her chariot, all helmeted and studly. Today, I took my commitment up a notch and declared a car-free day. I dropped Ingrid off at preschool (not quite 2 miles round trip), and picked her and Greta up at 5. Mid-morning, I rode to pick up our CSA share at a house not far from the preschool. I kept the trailer on, all the better to hold the bags of lettuce and radishes. Let’s hear it for that trailer.  It transports not one, but TWO children in style and, when children are not present, can comfortably transport farm-fresh, organically-raised CHICKENS. I had somehow missed the memo that today’s CSA share would include our chickens. I received a large black plastic trash bag filled with three double-bagged chickies, each weighing in at about 5 lbs. I strapped them into the kid seat with both seatbelts, put eggs in the side pouch, laid the lettuce carefully on the floor, and headed home with my succulent, juicy babies.

After we got home at 5:30, we decided on dinner with a friend at the Brewery. I waffled for a moment on my car-free proclamation. I wasn’t sure I wanted to haul 70lbs of trailer and kid to the pub and back on my bike. Dale, inspired by my enthusiasm–or by my sexy, sexy helmet hair–declared that he would be the mule for this particular load, transferred the trailer to his bike and off we went.

One day without a car = about 8 or 9 miles on the bike. My legs are sore; I’m tired and it is barely 10pm. Maybe roast chicken tomorrow will restore my energy.


Written by Jennifer

May 18, 2007 at 9:57 pm

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