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The horrid events in Virginia Tech don’t require any commentary from me, as they’ve been beaten to death by our mainstream press. What makes me want to hide under a rock is CNN’s coverage. Sitting in the airport waiting for my flight, I am in earshot of the TV. I can’t hear all the words, but I can hear the enthusiasm in the newscasters voices, and marvel at the graphics and ads (Massacre at Virginia Tech!) they’ve already generated to make money off of this wretched day. It really screams “OOH, THIS IS GREAT NEWS … YOU NEED US AND DON’T FORGET IT.” It’s really sickening to hear their tone of voice without hearing the actual words. So much enthusiasm, almost glee.

This just reinforces for me, of course, why I do not consume televised ‘news,’ ever, and rarely, if ever, read newspapers beyond the Times, the Chronicle of Higher Ed, and my local paper. I prefer a saner, more analytical, and far less sensational take on my news, which is why I choose what I read carefully, and tend to prefer the New Yorker to just about any other source. Depth over breadth any day for me. This article in the Chronicle is the type of discourse I choose to consume: rational, thoughtful, utterly lacking in hyperbole.


Written by Dale

April 19, 2007 at 10:39 pm

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