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While trolling around today, I found this little tidbit on Blurbomat.

Gave me hope, but his point about outliers is spot on, I suspect. I was just musing yesterday how technology has accelerated or perhaps just exaggerated the tendency to have a class-based society. What made me think of it was that I was on my bike on the way to Radina’s (local cafe). Then it occurred to me that I’ve often seen a fixed-gear courier bike (the pinnacle of urban chicdom in the world of cycling–I shamefully admit that I would be dead within five minutes if I attempted to ride a fixed-gear in traffic–they do have no brakes, after all) parked in front of Radina’s. Then I thought, hey, I used to see a fixed-gear in front of Koffee2 in New Haven (actually knew the dude who rode it–worked at Devil’s Gear). Then I realized I’ve seen fixed-gears in front of any cafe I’ve frequented. Anyway, then it occurred to me that what this says is that people who ride fixed-gears also likely evince the following attributes:

– vote extremely liberal
– drink strong, good coffee, always
– ultra-fit, but in a non-athletic way (i.e.- they were never jocks)
– tattooed to the max
– body-pierced, both visible and otherwise
– use Firefox as their browser
– never, ever watch Fox news, and little TV news in general
– despite the appearance of a Maori warrior, generally gentle souls who eschew meat
– and so on …

I’m not all of those things, but I’m enough of them that I can say, with some accuracy, if you ride a fixed-gear, I will like you. Weird, no, but it’s always been true.

While in Seattle recently, I saw two young urban hipsters come bombing down a hill on a downtown street in heavy traffic on their fixed-gears, weave in an out of cars stuck at a light, and then saw one of them have to execute a leg-brake (again, no ‘real’ brakes) side-skid bunny-hop maneuver to avoid being crushed by a taxi. I had read about this legendary emergency evasive maneuver on a fixed-gear, but never seen one. I’m not sure the guy even paused his conversation with his partner while avoiding death. I was awestruck, and wanted to clap and cheer (but didn’t because that’s unhip). I’m sure I’d like these guys.

Written by Dale

February 23, 2007 at 9:40 pm

Posted in cycling, politics

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  1. I know you moved to this new space just so you could ditch my comment on the old one.


    February 23, 2007 at 10:38 pm

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